The Medina Hospital Offers 24-Hour pharmaceutical services

Inpatient Services

Rejuvenate in comfort with our inpatient services, setting the standard for holistic care.


Where precision meets compassion: Medina Hospital’s Theater, where health takes center stage.


Restore mobility and enhance your quality of life with Medina Hospital’s physiotherapy services. Our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you regain strength, flexibility, and function after an injury or surgery. We believe in a holistic approach to rehabilitation, tailoring individualized therapy plans to address your unique needs and goals.


From sample to diagnosis, trust Medina’s Laboratory for swift and accurate results.


Explore clarity through innovation with Medina’s Radiology, revealing insights for better health.


Experience exceptional maternity care at Medina Hospital. Our dedicated team of…

Specialist Clinics

At Medina Hospital, we take pride in offering specialized and expert care through our distinguished Specialist Clinics in Garissa. Our clinics are dedicated to providing focused medical attention and personalized treatment plans, addressing a wide spectrum of health concerns to ensure optimal well-being for our community.

HIV & TB Clinic

We are your trusted partner in managing HIV and TB, offering specialized care for a healthier, brighter tomorrow. Our dedicated clinic provides a welcoming and confidential environment, where you can access treatments and compassionate support. We are committed to empowering you with the expertise needed to navigate your recovery journey.

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Our dedicated ENT Clinic prioritizes your comfort and well-being in matters related to ear, nose, and throat health. Our specialized ENT clinic is designed to offer comprehensive care, encompassing diagnostics, treatments, and preventive measures.

Optical Clinic

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Optical Clinic, where we prioritize enhancing your vision with precision and care. Our optical clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional services and a wide range of eyewear solutions, ensuring your eyesight is at its best.


Embark on a journey to optimal oral health at our advanced Dental Clinic in Garissa, where we prioritize your smile’s well-being. Our dedicated dental professionals, boasting years of experience, are committed to providing exceptional services.