Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics

At Medina Hospital, our Radiology Department is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services to support patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. We offer a wide range of imaging modalities and a team of experienced professionals committed to accuracy and patient comfort.


Mission Statement:

  • To provide accurate and timely diagnostic imaging services.
  • To support healthcare professionals in delivering the best care to patients.
  • To prioritize patient safety, comfort, and privacy.

Our Team:

We have a team of board-certified radiologists, radiologic technologists, and support staff. Highly trained professionals with expertise in various imaging modalities.


Explore our cutting-edge imaging facilities equipped with the latest technology. Comfortable waiting areas for patients and families.
A dedicated team was available to assist you throughout the process.

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Imaging Modalities:

Information on the various imaging modalities available, such as X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, and more.
Details on each modality’s purpose, benefits, and what to expect during the procedure.

Diagnostic Procedures:

Overview of diagnostic procedures conducted in our department, including mammography, bone density scans, and interventional radiology.

Patient Preparation:

Guidance on how to prepare for specific imaging procedures, including fasting, clothing, and medications.

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Scheduling and Appointments:

Instructions for scheduling an appointment, including contact details and appointment request forms.

Radiology Reports:

How to access and understand radiology reports and images.
Information on report delivery options to referring physicians.

Insurance and Billing:

Guidance on insurance coverage, billing, and financial assistance options.

Ultrasound services

Safety and Quality

Our commitment to patient safety and radiation protection.
Quality control and accreditation information.

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