Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation Department

The physical rehabilitation specialists at Medina Hospital encompasses 3 main departments:
Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and orthopedic technology. We have an experienced team
of rehabilitation specialists who work as a team and offer a multidisciplinary approach to support throughout your journey to recovery. We have expertise in a wide variety of current techniques across the different disciplines. Our state-of-the-art facilities are purpose-built to ease your recovery with modern amenities and a fully equipped rehab gymnasium.

Physical Therapy Services

Physiotherapists restore functionality of the human machine through various evidence-based
means while alleviating pain such as musculoskeletal pain. Occupational Therapists teach people the skills of living lost through disease, injury, absence like in congenital malformations, and in mental disturbance.


Assistive Technology Services (Prosthesis & Orthotics)

Part of your medical rehabilitation may require the fitting and delivery of a prosthesis or an
orthosis. These are assistive devices specifically designed to promote independence and enhance inclusion. The orthopaedic specialists at Medina Hospital are here to provide expert support in the design, use and maintenance of the appliance you may require.

Who needs Our Services?

  • Adults with neurological impairments such as stroke, paraplegia.
  • Anyone with musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain.
  • Anyone with a lost limb either through disease or trauma.
  • Active people who may get an injury while working out.
  • Patients who’ve undergone cardiac or orthopedic surgery and need to return to normal functionality and endurance.
  • Anyone with weakness and needs a device to support them.
  • Children with any developmental issues that may limit them from normal play, normal growth and learning including cerebral palsy, autism, downs syndrome, rickets, club foot.
  • Men and Women with reproductive and pelvic health challenges.
  • Elderly clients with balance issues, inadequacy in self-care, loss of function and cognitive issues.
  • We also do home assessment and rehabilitation.