Our Pharmacy is well-stocked, affordable and open to all 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Bring your prescription for quality, affordable medications.
The Department of Pharmacy at Medina Hospital, Garissa has been and remains one of the most innovative and comprehensive institutional pharmacies in Northern Kenya. Our Department was among the first to provide decentralized clinical services to patients through ward pharmacies and clinical pharmacists as well as a Medicine and Poison information Centre, a safe chemotherapy preparation unit and a pediatric oral preparation unit.

Our mission is to ensure excellent pharmaceutical care for all our patients. We achieve this by providing cost-effective, high-quality medication and information regarding the safe and efficacious use of medicines.
Manned by highly qualified professional staff with specialized certifications, Medina Hospital Pharmacy prides itself in the quality of professional services offered to clients.


Our pharmacy services are available to both Inpatients and Outpatients

Local and international prescriptions
We dispense medicines on valid prescriptions; both for patients seen at the hospital and those seen by doctors outside the hospital. Patients with prescriptions written by doctors outside of Kenya may have their prescriptions rewritten by our casualty doctors and consultants and dispensed in any of our outpatient pharmacy outlets.

100% prescription fill
We take pride in our commitment to offer a 100% prescription fill for our clients, including importation of specialized and essential drugs that are not locally available for critical care and specific disease conditions.

Competitive prices
Medina Hospital offers very competitive prices for medicines due to the volume discounts and tender prices negotiated with suppliers, resulting in fair prices for patients.

Patient Support Services

Brown bag service
A free service to patients and the general public who have excess or old medications that they are unsure about. Pharmacy staff provide medication sorting service (not exchange or refund) and provide information on the medications. Patients are encouraged to bring to the main pharmacy any drugs from home for identification and advice on use or safe disposal.


Other services

  • Extemporaneous preparations – especially for pediatric syrups that are not readily manufactured in standard formulations or strength e.g. Lasix suspension, Viagra suspension etc.
  • Sale of medical devices such as surgical items, blood pressure machines, blood glucose testing kits, etc.
  • FREE exchange of faulty or non-functional blood glucose testing machines in liaison with specific machine manufacturers or suppliers.

Drug information
The Medina Hospital Pharmacy offers drug information to our patients, doctors and other healthcare providers free of charge.

Toxicology/poison information
The pharmacy staff at the hospital are qualified to provide information to clinicians on poison management including identification and classification of poisons, clinical effects of exposure, treatment – both supportive and use of antidotes, as well as range of toxicity.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that the treatment dispensed is safe and appropriate. This is done in the following ways:

  • The department has documented policies, procedures and work instructions that guide all the pharmacy processes. These are made available to all staff members who are encouraged to familiarize themselves with them.
  • Before stocking, medicines undergo a vetting and approval process by an in-house committee, The Medicines and Therapeutic Committee.
  • The Hospital procures all medicines and medical supplies only from registered suppliers thereby always guaranteeing our patients quality medicines, considering the risk of counterfeit and substandard products in the industry.
  • The department has an elaborate staff induction and a continuous monthly educational program.
  • The department engages hospital-wide quality committees including the Antibiotic Stewardship Task Group, Infection Control, ICU Users, among others.
  • Customer and stakeholder feedback is encouraged – A questionnaire box is available at all outlets.

Pharmacy Patient Charter

Our customers are our priority. All Pharmacy service Waiting Areas display the Pharmacy Service Charter on the notice board for their customers. It highlights the following promises.
We promise:

  • To dispense your prescription medicines within 15 minutes of presenting your prescription
  • To ensure 100% prescription fill
  • To explain instructions on medication, use in a language you understand
  • To anticipate and explain any delays
  • To treat you with dignity and respect
  • To accord you privacy during consultation
  • To handle your information with confidentiality
  • To provide you with a channel to give feedback about our services.

Patients are expected:

  • To present a valid prescription.
  • To provide full and accurate information.
  • To follow the recommended treatment instructions
  • To contact their doctor or pharmacist for clarification on treatment.
  • To show respect and consideration for other patients and staff.
  • To settle their financial obligation.

Statutory Requirements

Anchored on compliance and legal requirements, the Medina Hospital Pharmacy complies with:
Pharmacy & Poisons Board Annual premise registration certificate

  • Employment of only Pharmacy & Poisons Board registered pharmacists and enrolled pharmaceutical technologists
  • Pharmacy & Poisons Board annual practice license for all staff in employment
  • Import permits for any named patient’s medicine imports
  • Approval for expired and damaged medicine disposal and incineration

For Enquiries call: +254-720177917 / +254-706174656