Dr. Abdikadir Korio Duale


Dr. Abdikadir Korio Duale is a distinguished pharmacist with a wealth of professional experience spanning more than two decades. His journey in the pharmaceutical realm is marked by a commitment to excellence, a passion for healthcare, and a continuous pursuit of advancing the field. A highly-trained pharmacist by profession, Dr. Duale embarked on his academic journey with a dedication to mastering the intricacies of pharmacy. Armed with a solid foundation, he has consistently demonstrated his expertise through various roles and responsibilities within the pharmaceutical landscape.

With an illustrious career that extends over 20 years, his journey in pharmacy has been a testament to his enduring dedication to the well-being of individuals and communities. His extensive experience encompasses a diverse range of roles, each contributing to his profound understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. His career is punctuated by notable achievements that underscore his impact on the pharmaceutical landscape. Whether spearheading successful projects, achieving milestones, or contributing to the advancement of pharmacy, he has consistently excelled in his endeavors.

Renowned for his expertise, Dr. Duale has demonstrated proficiency in various facets of pharmacy. His areas of specialization include Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Hospital Pharmacy showcasing a breadth of knowledge that has positioned him as a thought leader within the industry. Throughout his career, he has assumed pivotal leadership roles that reflect his ability to guide teams and influence positive change. Whether leading departments, steering projects, or shaping the direction of pharmaceutical initiatives, his leadership has been instrumental. Looking ahead, Dr. Duale envisions a future where pharmacy plays a pivotal role in shaping healthcare landscapes. His ongoing projects and aspirations align with a vision of continuous improvement, innovation, and the integration of pharmacy into broader healthcare initiatives.

Beyond the professional realm, Dr. Abdikadir Korio Duale is characterized by his active participation in community development. These aspects contribute to his holistic approach to healthcare and underscore his commitment to the well-being of individuals and communities.

His enduring impact serves as an inspiration for aspiring pharmacists and a testament to the transformative power of dedicated healthcare professionals.

Warm regards,
Dr. Abdikadir Korio Duale

Director, Medina Hospital